2008 Developer Tracks on Functional Programming (DEFUN 2008)
Victoria, BC, Canada
25, 27 September, 2008

Part of ICFP 2008


With the explosion of interest in real-world use of functional programming, DEFUN is aimed squarely at practitioners: developers and technical managers who are using functional programming, or who are considering doing so. Attendees will learn how to achieve maximum benefit using functional programming from experienced practitioners, both from industry and academia. Talks provide concrete advice on how to tackle specific problems using functional programmings. Tutorials are forums for collaborative learning and hands-on practice of functional programming and function-programming techniques. Whereas the talks are pure presentations (with short Q&As), the tutorials are partly presentations, and partly "bring-your-laptop" sessions, where the tutorial presenter arranges practice problems for the participants to work on, and looks over the participants' shoulders.

Thus, the developer tracks are complementary to ICFP itself (which is for researchers). They are anchored by CUFP, the Haskell Symposium, and the Erlang workshop. Together, these events constitute a conference for developers that will promote participation by the growing community of professional users of functional programming technology.

DEFUN will have several tracks with the following types of presentations:


Note: The sessions of a given morning or afternoon are concurrent. The markers (M1, M2, A1, A2, etc.) mark a particular session, and correspond to the designations on the registration forms. Note that the talks M5 together constitute a session.

Day 1 - 25 September, 2008

Morning Session

M1 (Tutorial): Practical Erlang Programming
Francesco Cesarini
Erlang Training and Consulting

M2 (Tutorial): A Gentle Introduction to Functional Information Visualization
Jefferson Heard
Renaissance Computing Institute, University of North Carolina

M3 (Tutorial): JavaScript: from basics to building custom frameworks
Sameer Sundresh and Erik Hinterbichler
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Pattern Insight, Inc.

Afternoon Session

A1 (Tutorial): Erlang DBG and the Trace Biff
Tamas Nagy
Erlang Training and Consulting

A2 (Tutorial): Erlang QuickCheck Tutorial
Thomas Arts
IT University of Gothenburg and Quviq

A3 (Tutorial): Practical and Portable Programming in Scheme
Donovan Kolbly
TippingPoint Technologies

Day 2 - 27 September 2008

Morning Session

M4 (Tutorial): Real World Haskell
Bryan O'Sullivan

M5 (Talks):

Ten one-liners: handling power series in Haskell
Doug McIlroy

Incremental multi-level input processing with left-fold enumerator
Oleg Kiselyov

How we locate wild animals with a functional program
Ryan Newton

Afternoon Session

A4 (Tutorial): Using QuickCheck and HPC - Obtaining Quality Assurance for Haskell Code
Andy Gill
Kansas University
Koen Claessen

A5 (Tutorial): Introduction to F#
Don Syme and Chris Smith
Microsoft Research


Kathleen Fisher AT&T Labs
Simon Peyton Jones Microsoft Research
Mike Sperber (co-chair) DeinProgramm
Don Stewart (co-chair) Galois