The EFS Homepage

EFS is a system for transparent file-transfer between remote hosts using the FTP protocol within Emacs and XEmacs.

This page primarily hosts current releases of EFS. It supersedes the old EFS homepage as of 05-06-2001.

The mailing list at elisp minus code minus efs at nongnu dot org covers all aspects of EFS. Its administrative interface is at this address.

Current EFS releases

There are two kinds of EFS releases: regular releases and XEmacs package releases:

Regular releases

The regular releases are primarily for users of GNU Emacs. The current version is 1.24, to be found here, here are the release notes. Download, untar, and read the instructions.

XEmacs package releases

XEmacs provides a somewhat more convenient installation mechanism for packages, which is why there is a separate package release. Confusingly, the XEmacs package has a separate version number assigned by the XEmacs package maintainer which looks similar to the official EFS release version number, but is in fact separate. Since currently, EFS development happens primarily on XEmacs, the XEmacs package is usually a bit further advanced than the regular release.

Normally, you don't have to worry about this: simply use the XEmacs package tools to grab the latest release. If you must hand-download the tarball, the latest version 1.34 can be had from the regular mirrors of the XEmacs distribution here.

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